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[Interview] Rozyrg talks about Super XYX, its lengthy development & more!

Ten years ago, Gryzor was working on a series of shooting games, the « YX » series, whose culminating point was the prototype XYX, which was released via forums and Gryzor’s blog. It was an exciting project, which felt like a complete game and even included a level editor (though unifinished). And this project gave birth to a Neo Geo project, Neo …

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[Interview] Jack Darx talks about the Team Grybanser Fox, Zenodeath and more!

Shooting game fans should be shivering with pleasure : Team Grybanser Fox managed to release two major titles : Super XYX, Rozyrg‘s long-term pet project reached its completion after many years, and only a few months later, we were granted the occasion to taste the audacious and massive conclusion to the Zeno Trilogy, Zenodeath. Jack Darx, co-founder of Team Grybanser …

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[Interview] Eric Chung (exA-Arcadia CEO): « We aim to be the next NEOGEO »

After Spain and numerous public appearances in Japan, exA-Arcadia visited France during Stunfest 2018. Shmup’Em-All took this opportunity to interview the president of this new company, Eric Chung, in order to learn more about this ambitious new arcade hardware. – Can you introduce exA-Arcadia ? Eric Chung: exA-Arcadia is a platform based on PC hardware; the specs are stronger than …

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[Interview] Naoki Horii, M2’s CEO

Experts in high-quality ports, M2 honored this year’s Stunfest with their presence, bringing with them a playable version of their soon-to-be released port of Ketsui for Playstation 4. During his first visit to France, Shmup’Em-All had the opportunity to interview M2’s CEO, Naoki Horii and learn a bit more about the M2 Shoot Triggers collection, their next exclusive shoot’em up …

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